De                       werelden van Jack Vance
The Palace of Love


Phalid's Fate

The Phantom Milkman

The Pilgrims

The Plagian Siphon
(also: The Planet Machine)

The Planet of Adventure

Planet of the Black Dust

Planet of the Damned
(also: Slaves of the Klau)
(also: Gold and Iron)

The Pleasant Grove Murders

The Pnume

Ports of Call

The Potters of Firsk

A Practical Man's Guide

Rhialto the Marvellous

The Roguskhoi
(also: The Brave Free Men)

A Room to Die In.


Sabotage on Sulfur Planet

Sail 25
(also: Gateway to Strangeness)
(also: Dust of Far Suns)

Sanatoris Short-Cut

The Secret

Servants of the Wankh

Seven Exits from Bocz

The Seventeen Virgins


Showboat World


Slaves of the Klau
(also: Planet of the Damned)
(also: Gold and Iron)

Son of the Tree

The Sorcerer Pharesm

The Spa of the Stars

Space Opera

The Space Pirate
(also: The Five Gold Bands)

Star King

Strange Notions

Strange she hasn't Written
(also: The Four Johns)

The Sub-Standard Sardines

Sulwen's Planet

Take my Face
(also: The Flesh Mask)


Temple of Han
(also: The God and the Temple Robber)

The Ten Books
(also: Men of the Ten Books)

Three-Legged Joe

To B or Not to C or to D
(also: Cosmic Hotfoot)

To Live Forever

Trullion: Alastor 2262


Turjan of Miir

Ulan Dhor Ends a Dream

Ullward's Retreat

Ultimate Quest

The Unspeakable McInch

Vandals of the Void

The View from Chickweed's Window

When the Five Moons Rise

Where Hesperus Falls

Winner Lose All

The World Between
(also: Ecological Onslaught)

The World-Thinker

The World Between

Worlds of Origin
(also: Coup de Grace)      

Wyst: Alastor 1716      
Jack Vance
A Practicle Man's Guide

Abercrombie Station

The Absent Minded Professor
(also: First Star I see Tonight)
(also: Murder Observed)


Alfred's Ark

The Anome
(also: The Faceless Man)

Assault on a City

The Asutra

The Augmented Agent
(also: I-C-a-BeM)

Bad Ronald

The Bagful of Dreams

Big Planet

Bird Isle

The Blue World

The Book of Dreams

Brain of the Galaxy
(also: The New Prime)

The Brains of Earth
(also: Nopalgarth)

The Brave Free Men
(also: The Roguskhoi)

The Cadwal Chronicles I, Station Araminta

The Cadwal Chronicles II, Ecce and old Earth

The Cadwal Chronicles III, Throy

Cat Island

The Cave in the Forest

Chateau d'If
(also: New Bodies for Old)

Cholwell's Chickens


City of the Chasch

Cosmic Hotfoot
(also: To B or Not to C or toD)

Coup de Grace
(also: Worlds of Origin)

Crusade to Maxus
(also: Overlords of Maxus)

Cugel`s Saga

The Dark Ocean

The Deadly Isles

The Devil on Salvation Bluff

The Dirdir

Dodkin's Job

The Dogtown Tourist Agency

The Domains of Koryphon
(also: The Gray Prince)

Dover Spargill's Ghastly Floater


The Dragon Masters

Dream Castle
(also: I'll Build your Dream Castle)

The Dreamer
(also: The Enchanted Princess)


Dust of Far Suns
(also: Sail 25)
(also: Gateway to Strangeness)

The Dying Earth

Ecological Onslaught


The Enchanted Princess
(also: The Dreamer)

The Eyes of the Overworld

The Face

The Faceless Man
(also: The Anome)

Faders Waft

First Star I see Tonight
(also: The Absent-Minded Professor)
(also: Murder Observed)

The Five Gold Bands
(also The Space Pirate)

The Flesh Mask
(also: Take my Face)

Four Hundred Blackbirds        
The Four Johns
(also: Strange she hasn't Written)

The Fox Valley Murders

Freitzke's Turn

Galactic Effectuator

Gateway to Strangeness
(also: Sail 25)
(also: Dust of Far Suns)

The Genesee Slaugh Murders

Gift of Gab

Gold and Iron
(also: Slaves of the Klau)
(also: Planet of the Damned)

Golden Girl

The Gray Prince
(also: The Domains of Koryphon)

Green Magic

Green Magic: The Fantasy Realms of Jack vance

Guyal of Spere

Hard-Luck Diggings

House Lords

The House on Lily Street

The Houses of Iszm

The Howling Bounders

(also: The Augmented Agent)

I'll Build Your Dream Castle
(also: Dream Castle)

Isle of Peril

The Killing Machine

The King of Thieves

The Kokod Warriors

The Kragen

The Languages of Pao

The Last Castle

Liane the Wayfahrer
(also: The Loom of Darkness)

Light from a Lone Star

Lost Moons


Lyonesse 1- Suldrun's Garden

Lyonesse 2- The Green Pearl

Lyonesse 3- Madouc

The Madman Theory

The Man from Zodiac
(also: Milton Hack from Zodiac)

The Man in the Cage

The Manse of Iucounu

Marune: Alastor 933

Maske: Thaery

The Masquerade on Dicantropus

Mazirian the Magician

Meet Miss Universe

Men of the Ten Books
(also: The Ten Books)

The Men Return

Milton Hack from Zodiac
(also: The Man from Zodiac)

The Miracle-Workers

The Mitr

Monsters in Orbit

The Moon Moth


Morreion: a Tale of the Dying Earth

The Mountains of Magnatz

Murder Observed
(also: The Absent-Minded Professor)
(also: First Star I see Tonight)

The Murthe

The Narrow Land

New Bodies for Old
(also: Chateau d'If)

The New Prime
(also: Brain of the Galaxy)



Overlords of Maxus
(also: Crusade to Maxus)

The Overworld

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